"In fact, we are bundles of energetic vibrations, from the tiny atomic particles that create our cells and fuel our metabolism, circulation, and reproduction, to the millions of thoughts that launch our tomorrows. Vibrational medicine affects the energetic systems of the infinitely interconnected mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of the body to produce positive change. Its subtle shifts generate a series of quantitative events simply called the healing process."

Jackie Bensinger, San Diego Acupuncturist
~Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac.

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Pathways to Vitality

Reaching beyond the limits of conventional healthcare, holistic avenues to health and well being lead to a harmonious state of balanced emotion, mental clarity and pure radiance. There are many holistic modalities from which to choose, each with a distinctly different path to Wellness. All begin from a place of common ground, however, viewing the human body as an energy field with a built-in mechanism for self-healing. When the choppy seas of life jar that mechanism out of alignment, the body's emergency alert system sounds, creating an increasing sense of  “dis-ease” as we drift further and further off course. If we are unable to turn things around, real physical disease can interrupt our journey. Seeking a holistic intervention or “energy medicine” before this happens is best, but it's never too late to begin nurturing the body with holistic care.

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Embracing Old and New

The optimal healthcare system is one that integrates the wisdom of modern and ancient healers alike. At Vibrational Healing Arts of San Diego, four forms of centuries-old, Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbal remedies, Qi Gong and Feng Shui) are complemented by state-of-the-art cold laser and hydrotherapy treatments, Cherokee medicine, nutritional guidance and lifestyle counseling. While energy medicine is the primary form of preventative and therapeutic healthcare for millions around the globe, it is also an amazingly effective supplement to Western medicine. For those in good health, holistic treatment fine tunes the energetic frequency that sustains Wellness. For those with medical issues, the goal of treatment is to shift the energetic vibration to a more healthful frequency.

At one with Nature

In keeping with Taoist and Native American tradition, at Vibrational Healing Arts of San Diego, we believe that the healthy body is one that lives in harmony with nature. Through mindfulness and meditation, we cultivate an affinity with the cosmic rhythms. In daily life, we strive to honor the planet with a sense of reverence for its changing seasons, life-sustaining waters, oxygen-producing forests, majestic animal life and fragile ecosystems.

Our Mission

Providing clients with an unsurpassed level of patient-centered, therapeutic and preventative healthcare is the number one goal at Vibrational Healing Arts of San Diego. We accomplish our mission by identifying imbalances in the body; restoring physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium; and teaching powerful, time-tested holistic methods of self-care that enhance energy, outlook and comfort.