"The body, mind, and spirit may need a combination of different modalities to shift from a state of imbalance to balance. Although acupuncture, herbs, Qi gong and the spirit of love are the core of my practice, each person is different and has a different combination of needs. Treatments are always a partnership between the patient and the doctor.  Often, a change in diet may be required to reduce heat and/or inflammation in the body. A referral for psychotherapy may be suggested as an adjunct to the treatments. Psychotherapy, particularly EMDR, can be extremely useful both in desensitizing and helping the patients  to release past traumatic events and as a learning tool for the future.  If the patient is open to taking responsibility for his or her health, the healing process is faster and the patient returns to his or her healthy life more quickly."

~Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac.

"Wholeness or health is our natural state. The nature of healing involves removing obstructions to this natural state and bringing individuals into alignment with themselves and their world. Free of these obstructions, an individual's innate intelligence and self-regulating capabilities will guide him toward a state of well being."

~ Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

Our Services

At Vibrational Healing Arts, we use Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to remedy a wide variety of medical conditions. Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling are a component of most Acupuncture sessions. Upon request, we can schedule longer appointments for patients who desire additional time for counseling. Lifestyle Counseling often touches upon the benefits of Feng Shui, Qi Gong and Meditation. These services, in addition to Cherokee Energy Medicine and Hydrotherapy, are available as supplemental or stand-alone treatments. Laser Therapy, in conjunction with Acupuncture treatment, is also available for patients suffering from arthritis, back pain, joint pain and sports injuries. For further details on all our services, please click on the links below: