“Qigong therapy, as well as other branches of Chinese medicine, can be reduced to two simple principles: the cleansing of meridians to achieve harmonious energy flow, and the restoration of yin-yang balance.”

~ from The Art of Chi Kung, by Wong Kiew Kit~

Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac.

"The capacity to render powerful healing lies waiting within every person. Relaxation, a sense of play and the reawakening of these abilities can bring this useful potential into awareness."

~Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac.

Jackie Bensinger Qi Gong Class

Free-Style Qi Gong & Meditation Workshops

What if you could enjoy the health benefits of a daily acupuncture treatment -- anytime, anywhere, free of charge, and without needles? You can! The practice of meditation and free-form Qi Gong (also spelled Chi Gong and Qigong) offers amazingly restorative, self-healing power. The free-form style’s appeal is that, in addition to being extremely effective, it is simple to learn and completely unique to each individual.

Vibrational Healing Arts of San Diego offers group workshops on this powerful technique three times per year. Participants bring an open mind, check their inhibitions at the door, and have a ball. The skills they learn, when practiced daily, are life transforming. Balanced emotions, more restful sleep and improved health and well being are just some of the benefits.

What's the Difference between Traditional and Free-Form Qi Gong?

Traditional Qi Gong looks very similar to the careful and precise movements of the martial art known as Tai Chi. The goal of performing its fluid, graceful movements flawlessly engages the body, mind and soul. As concentration on the movement intensifies, other thoughts fade from consciousness and the individual achieves a form of moving meditation. Free-form Qi Gong is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating process in which one first drops into the silence of meditation and then permits the body to move naturally and spontaneously. Like the various styles of acupuncture, different Qi Gong styles are better suited for different personalities.

Delight your inner child!

Carefree toddlers and children often engage in free-form Qi Gong-style movements without ever being taught. A little one will hum or yodel with reckless abandon while hopping, skipping or swaying to the rhythm of a happy tune that plays inside her head. This is bliss, in its purest form. With age comes inhibition, however. Polite society frowns on adults who flail around and utter random vocalizations. This is unfortunate, as flailing and vocalizing is the body’s way of manually dispersing stagnant Qi and keeping the life force flowing freely!

Free the Mind, Heal the Body

Daily meditation encourages the natural healing process and enables the mind to let go of stress and reacquaint itself with the music of the soul.  The deeper the meditation, the more in-tuned we become, and the better able we are to follow the inner wisdom and guidance of the body. Only then can we truly reap the healing benefits of free-form Qi Gong.

Don’t Forget to Breathe!

Breathing plays an integral role in both seated meditation and free-form Qi Gong. So much so, in fact, that nearly half of the Vibrational Healing Arts Qi Connection Workshop is devoted to it. The Natural breath, Qi breath, Purifying breath, and Healing breath exercises Jackie teaches serves to deepen relaxation and revitalize the body.

Receive a Personal Qi Reawakening Session

During the workshop, Jackie gives each student a personalized Qi Reawakening, also known as an activation or balancing. To the casual observer, the process resembles Reiki, as Jackie identifies Qi blockages and moves the Qi by directing it with her hands. The movement is subtle. There is no physical contact, though students may be aware of heat radiating from her hands. The Qi Reawakening is an experience that deepens the effects of the seated and moving practice. It can only be performed by someone who has studied for years under a Qi Gong Master and truly mastered the healing art, as Jackie has. The Qi Reawakening is a unique component of the Qi Connection Workshop and one that distinguishes it from other classes as well as the many books and DVDs available on the practice of traditional Qi Gong.

Practice Makes Perfect

It only takes 15-30 minutes a day of both the seated meditation and moving free-form exercises to calm your mind and strengthen your internal meridians. This small investment of time will boost your immune system and cultivate the innate, self-healing system you were born with!