“Reality is created from a passionate vision with daily focus.”

~ Jackie Bensinger. L.Ac.


According to USA TODAY,

“The stress from deepening debt is becoming a major pain the neck-and back and the head and the stomach-for millions of Americans.  When people are dealing with mountains of debt, they’re much more likely to report health problems, too, according to an Associated Press-AOL Health poll.  And not just little stuff; this means ulcers, severe depression, even heart attacks.”

Listen to Jackie discuss Acupuncture and the Stress Response.

  1. How Stress Affects the Body
  2. Discussion with Patient Regarding Acupuncture Treatment
  3. Discussion with Patient Regarding the Healing Process
  4. Cancer Patient Discusses Stress Relief Through Acupuncture

Listen to Jackie discuss Acupuncture - Does It Really Work?

  1. History of Acupuncture
  2. How does Acupuncture Work?
  3. What Ailments can be Treated with Acupuncture?
  4. Final Thoughts