"Water has the ability to speak what's on our mind for us and awaken our subconscious memory."

~ Masaru Emoto, Author of
The Hidden Messages of Water

Relax, Regenerate and Heal

More than just a luxurious, spa-like amenity for added comfort and relaxation prior to or following another treatment, the hydrotherapy massage bed at Vibrational Healing Arts plays a significant role in the healing process. Just a quick, 15-minute session on the full-body floatation dry spa bed, with its therapeutic massage, heat, and whirlpool action will soothe away your muscle aches, stress and tension and promote:

Get the Benefits of a Traditional Massage in a Fraction of the Time

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of a traditional 1-hour massage in just a quarter of the time, but not having to undress beforehand will further speed the process. (This really appeals to Jackie’s more hurried and/or modest patients.) And anyone who has ever experienced discomfort following too aggressive a traditional massage treatment can truly appreciate the remote control for slow, fast or medium pressure.

hydrotherapy bed