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Below are some of the conditions Jackie has treated successfully:

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Qi is the Key

What if the difference between chronic illness and radiant good health is as subtle as a shift in vibration? Everything in its simplest form is energy. Human beings are energy in motion—our physical bodies delicate compositions of energy intake versus energy expenditure. The ancient Chinese scholars referred to the energy source that makes up every one and every thing as Qi (also spelled “Chi”).

The life force that fuels our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities, Qi is regulated by the equal but opposite forces of Yin and Yang, the foundation of Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese philosophy. When an upset to the natural balance occurs within the body, possibly due to such factors as exhaustion, anxiety or depression, a shift in vibration ensues. This allows Qi to become imbalanced. If the condition persists, disease can manifest in the organs that correspond to the affected meridians (or "energy pathways") through which Qi circulates.

The body has fourteen primary meridians. Most travel into the body’s organs and tissues, and all rise to skin level at locations known as "acupuncture points." Stimulating both the superficial and deep meridians by needling these points affects the body’s energy/vibration at the cellular level, effectively dispersing stagnant Qi and/or balancing excessive or deficient Qi. With equilibrium restored, symptoms disappear, and health and well-being return.

Strategic and Effective

Your first acupuncture appointment at Vibrational Healing Arts begins with a conversation. Jackie carefully charts your complete medical history, noting the physical symptoms you are experiencing and any medications you might be taking. This allows her to identify your health goals and devise an optimal treatment plan. As part of your treatment, she may recommend herbal remedies—but not until she has ruled out any potential contraindications to medications your doctor has prescribed. (Jackie does not prescribe herbal remedies for clients who are pregnant or on blood thinners.)

Moving to the treatment table, Jackie may ask to observe your tongue, which, for Chinese medical practitioners, is like a map of other areas and organs of the body. Its color, shape and coating yield numerous diagnostic indicators. At every session, both before and after placing the needles, Jackie will read your pulses using the Chinese medicine method, which does more than monitor heart rate. Like the tongue, the wrists are hotbeds of diagnostic significance. Each has nine pulse locations that can have from 17-28 possible qualities. Those qualities help determine which meridians/organ systems are in need of immediate attention.

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The Acupuncture Experience

Having read your pulses, Jackie will insert up to a dozen or more fine-tipped (usually 36mm-gauge), disposable acupuncture needles into locations primarily along your arms, hands, feet, legs, ears, forehead and/or skull. It is not necessary to disrobe for this style of acupuncture, but it is convenient to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

What happens next varies from one individual to the next. A client complaining of fatigue may experience a sudden surge of energy, whereas one suffering from insomnia might drift off to sleep. Opposite extremes of unexplained tearfulness and giggling sometimes occur. This may be the result of unprocessed emotions relating to life circumstances and is actually viewed as part of the therapeutic releasing process. When acupuncture elicits such an emotional response, one truly comes to appreciate the existence of a mind/body/spirit connection.  If your reaction is less dramatic, that’s okay, too. What's important is that you begin to notice a decrease in your symptoms—if not immediately, then within the first few weeks of treatment.